Environmental Policy

Sustainability isn’t just a fashionable term at SKS – it is at the heart of all our operations. Our environmental management programmes comply with relevant environmental legislation, rules and regulations.

We are very conscious of producing under sustainable conditions and implement international standards for health and safety as well as minimising any potential impact on the environment. We make deliberate choices when selecting technology – it must not only increase efficiency and productivity but also be environment-friendly. In this respect, all our latest machines such as the Fiber Laser, Servo motor press break and Servo drive turret punch are all zero hydraulic oil eco-friendly machines. We use a FSC certified supplier for sustainable wood supply and our powder coating supplier has Smart©Certification. We have actively replaced our fluorescent lights with LED lights to reduce electricity consumption and hence lower carbon emissions. And we avidly participate in a carbon offsetting programme based on the amount of carbon emitted from our factory. For us, sustainability is the way of tomorrow that makes very good business sense today.