May 22, 2021



The SKS Group can trace its roots back to 1974 when it was founded by Mr. Lee Kien Seng, a steadfast entrepreneur who began the business in a modest 5000 sq. ft. factory. Under his leadership and firm conviction that reputation and brand strength will bring the bottom line, SKS has successfully transitioned from its humble beginnings as an office chair producer into a significant player in the furniture industry with operations throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The company continues to evolve to meet the challenging demands of customers globally, while maintaining its emphasis on delivering the core values of excellence in innovation, affordability, design and aesthetics. Indeed, the SKS heritage is marked by consistent progressiveness and disciplined management. Through the years, new technologies and marketing savvy have been balanced with financial strength and well-thought strategies. With its strong fundamentals, SKS is well-positioned to take on the tests of tomorrow’s new frontiers.