Excellent in OEM solutions

Our vision has always been to be pioneer in advance metal and wood manufacturing in Asia. To be the industry’ top specialist. This journey took us 45 years of expansion through continuous integration of state-of-the-art machines and extending OEM services to all sectors including energy, transportation, automotive and retail. Our precision, value engineering and manufacturing capabilities will help you achieve the highest yield possible.


Outsourced Engineering Manufacturing (OEM) fabrication services

Metal fabrication
Wood fabrication
Electrical wiring & components integration
Glass fabrication
Stone fabrication
Plastic component integration
A COMBINATION of all of the above

Technical Engineering Services

Engineering solutions
Localization solutions
Technical drawings & calculations
Technical testing & reports
Product testing
Mold design
Product distribution & rollout solutions

Why SKS Engineering?

Product requirement & new product development

SKS Engineering delivers sketch to prototype / prototype to production / product development to commercialisation in the most flexible and effective approach that greatly shorten the required time of such norm processes, hence reduces development and commercialisation costs.

Product engineering & design

SKS Engineering is an ISO certified company that uses professional engineering practices or procedures and computer aided engineering softwares such as:

Value Engineering
3D product modelling
Packaging & integration
Manufacturing feasibility
ISO standards
Process engineering
Product enhancements
Concept development
Jig design
Machine programming
Fire standards
Assembly tooling
Feasibility evaluation
Control procedures
Machine settings & calibration
Safety standards
Assembly fixtures
Weight / Cost reduction
Reverse engineering
Tool design
Jig integration
Client requirement
Compact packaging
2D software
3D software
Visualisation software
Machine programming
Auto CAD
3D - Max

Effective manufacturing process

SKS Engineering fabrication services is built up from over 40 years of manufacturing experience specialising in materials such as metal and wood while integrating with other materials such as polymer, composite, glass and electronics. Equipped with state of the art machinery (pioneer in SEA) such as 2D & 3D sheet and tubular laser cutting machine, 2D rotation turret punching machine and laser & plasma robotic welders; efficiency, accuracy and flexibility comes to play

SKS machineries

at its very best. With cutting edge technologies and pneumatic controls to increase precision, mass production could be run seamlessly and accurately.

Pretreatment plant
Chemical moulding
Laser cutting 2D & 3D
Metal forming
Robotic Welding
Sot welding
Powder coating
Chemical edging
Wood milling
Wood routing
Wood cutting
Stone cutting
Stone joining
Glass cutting
Glass assembly
Acrylic forming
Acrylic cutting
Electrical & lighting

Effective delivery model

For over 40 years, SKS has provided turn key design and engineering solutions to global customers such in Asia, Australasia, Middle East, US, Europe and Africa. With over 20 localise clearance & installation partners in different countries, it makes our distribution service more compelling and fulfilling. We provide compact and smart packaging design solutions to maximise shipping space and to reduce distribution costs. Door to door delivery service could be arranged via our global distribution partners. SKS is committed to providing consistent delivery of high quality products and after sales services with continuous improvement and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2003 and moving towards ISO 14001:2015.

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